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Accelerate your career with the MBA designed to master AI in tech.

We help tech professionals grow their careers faster by learning faster. With intensely practical career advice, practical AI application, and practical cross-industry community collaboration.

Students from:

Data storytelling >>

Influence more effectively with compelling, clear, urgent data visualization. Move past "what does the data say" to "what do we do about it" faster.

Execution systems >>

Build the habits, systems, and processes to execute the right things the right way, every time, with less effort.

Proven playbook >>

Don't reinvent your promotion path. Learn from the proven approach, steps, and lessons learned from the many who have already done it.

Exceed your metrics >>

Excel at your core job, prove your impact, and get top performance ratings.
grow faster by
learning faster

Our unique and proven approach

Master the key skills to create more impact, build your brand, and fly. Learn the real-world, practical lessons only learned after years of mentorship from top execs.

  Learn from the best

Get practitioner, not academic, extremely actionable guidance from the best in tech. 

  Community collaboration

Learn from, get advice, network, get job referrals from others in the community. Broaden your connections outside your company.

  Learn in hours, not decades

Learn the most important, most difficult lessons, much faster, with the playbook.

  Small cohorts

The limited cohort size (5 - 10) keeps the communities vibrant. Fosters genuine relationships. Facilitates custom coaching to your specific situation. 

  Learn by doing

You don't learn Tennis, or AI by just reading about it. Learn a concept. Apply it at work immediately. Get feedback from your coach and community. Repeat.

  Feedback is a gift

Get regular, high quality feedback on where your execution is missing the mark. Tailored advice based on your specific challenges, role, skill set, and goals.


Course topics by week

Pick 1 project at work to apply the lessons each week to so you can learn by doing, and see the impact at your day job right away.

AI Magic Maturity Curve for Website Landing Page.001
Week 1 AI Magic Maturity Assessment: Start with your personalized AI usage benchmark

Start by taking our proprietary AI Magic Maturity Assessment to understand where you're already strong and weak in your AI usage at work. This can be purchased separately, but is included as part of the course. Learn more here.

  • 50 research backed questions
  • 7 AI maturity stages
  • Personalized score for each stage
  • Industry peer benchmarks

Once you know your starting point from the assessment, we'll help you identify a project at work that you can use to apply the learnings from the course to. 

You'll learn the course content by applying it to a real world use case in your current job.

Week 2 Radical Empathy: Use AI to understand the people you're trying to help


To ensure you’re using AI to solve the right problem, start by understanding people at their core, how you can uniquely help them and building deep relationships.

AI will enable many problems to be solved much more easily. So unique value will come from deciding which of the many problems to choose to solve.

Problems that will genuinely help people. That are important to them. That are truly pain points. That are tied to their business challenges in their day job.

Mass research plays a role. But even more, non-scalable, meaningful relationships are the key. Move beyond summary statistics from large groups to mastering understanding of how the problem affects one person. Then scale the solution to many others. 

Actionable Exercises:
  • Reflect Monthly: Use this exercise as a structured approach with a set of questions to better understand what has been working and not working for you to achieve your short and long term goals.
  • Coffee Chat Questions: Use this exercise as a structured approach and set of questions to better understand what has been working and not working for you to achieve your short and long term goals.
  • Rank Experiences: Use this exercise as a structured approach and set of questions to better understand what has been working and not working for you to achieve your short and long term goals.
Week 3 Diligent Co-Pilot: Execute your current work faster and more streamlined with AI


AI is the assistant we’ve all wanted. Able to help with small and big things. Quantitative and creative things. Critical and fun things. Whenever we need help.

AI is your new calculator, spreadsheet, photoshop. It’s an extension of you — a collaborator.

At this stage in the maturity curve, you’re still doing all the same tasks as before, but a little faster. A few less clicks. A few less steps.

Get better at what you currently do. Learn something new in 5 minutes instead of 20. Get a second opinion on something you created to sharpen it. Audit all of your work to see which pieces to start with. Start small

Actionable Exercises:
  • Workflow cheat sheets: The most common tasks that the community has streamlined, with which tools. Learn faster by learning from others’ lessons and iterations so you don’t have to repeat them.
  • Operationalize AI tasks: Use the workbooks template for breaking big tasks into small pieces. Tracking which tool is best to help with each piece. Make clear the last time it was tested. And how much each costs.
  • Task audit: Simple questions to ask yourself and your team to surface which tasks to explore getting AI help on. Even “hidden” tasks done in the background. Automatic tasks you don’t even realize you’re doing.
Week 4 Empowered Decisions: Use AI to make smarter, faster decisions


Leaders rise and fall based on the quality and speed of their decisions. AI now enables smarter, faster, more thoughtful, more researched decisions.

AI  can improve the quality and the pace of our decisions. This is especially important in tech because so many decisions scale to impact so many people.

We can now consider more view points, more scenarios, more data sets. But in less time, with less effort, with fewer specialists involved.

Use AI tools to inform better decisions with better models, by simplifying complexity, and separating the signal from noise. 

Actionable Exercises:
  • Decision AI prompts: To simplify complexity, explore contrarian view points, crunch data quickly, explore what an AI decision would be, and find insights to make your own decision.
  • Scenario planning template: Structure exploring several scenarios for tough decisions. Including prompts and peer questions to gut check the quality. And empathy map for people impacted.
  • Trend comparison approach: How to think about exploring trends and tactical steps to understand details of a trend, the influences of it, the implications, finding related trends but with different nuances.
Week 5 Outsource Yourself: Delegate your role to AI to focus on higher impact work


Great leaders aim to build orgs that can run without them. To elevate the team. And elevate their focus to strategy. AI empowers everyone to do the same now.

AI gets a promotion at this stage of maturity. By now, your tasks have become more clear, structured, and consistent.

AI tools have progressed to do more. You’re paying for the most useful ones for your specific workflow. You’re better at structuring prompts and the inputs you’re handing to AI tools.

With your extra time, you can now promote yourself. Elevate your focus. This is the foundation for being able to spend half your time learning in the next stage.

Actionable Exercises:
  • Automation community: Connect with others that care about automating work as much as you do. Learn from their successes. Get feedback to sharpen your workflows. Learn about the latest, emerging tools.
  • Work structure template: Use this approach, template, list of questions to break any of your work tasks into this modular, interpretable, reproducible structure. See great examples for inspiration.
  • Human centered design: Exercise for you or your team to be able to empathetically test your workflows from your target receiver of your work. Consider different profiles, and their different needs and perspectives.
Week 6 Learning Rate: Increase your learning speed with AI


Learning how you learn is the most important skill in this AI revolution. Master what works for you, to increase rate that you can learn completely new things.

AI will increase the rate of change. The norm has shifted from people working at 1 company their whole life. To 1 career, many companies. Now with AI, to many different careers.

To do that, we have to continuously learn. Not just in college. Not just to get a certificate. Not just to get our first job. We have to learn completely new domains and skills throughout our whole life.

What gets measured, gets improved. Measure your learning rate. Invest in learning how to learn, faster.

Actionable Exercises:
  • AI Flashcard Pack: Get the full AI pack designed to accelerate your learning and recall a few minutes at a time. Sophisticated resurfacing algorithm based on which topics you’re learning faster or slower.
  • Expert mentors: Get expert guidance how to incorporate AI into your work today from our teachers, coaches and the peer network. Alternate between learning from, and teaching them, by topic.
  • Ed-venture Plan: Create a learning plan to decide what you want to learn, and how you’ll actually get there. Get granular. Get supportive accountability on progress from the peer community in the course
Week 7 No-Tech Leadership: Foster team authentic community to build the best AI


The best leaders won’t focus on tech. They’ll focus on building thriving communities. Only then will AI solve the problems that business and people need help with most.

AI will never replace community. Real people connecting with each other. We’re wired for it. It’s in our biology and part of what makes us human.

It’s critical to feel seen. Feel heard. Feel like we belong. It’s critical to feel. To be productive, happy, and full. Leaders need to build and foster that community.

Within our companies. Within our small teams. Within our customer groups. Foster diversity, inclusion, trust, vulnerability and your communities will thrive. Only then AI be truly valuable.

Actionable Exercises:
  • Fuel Map: What fuels you? Get granular, structured guidance to uncover what environment you thrive in. For yourself or team. 100% of people we’ve done this with have found it eye opening.
  • Soul Speak Approach: Most of us hear, but don’t listen. Unpack the 5 levels of listening. Move beyond what they’re saying to what they’re feeling, but not articulating. Use to build inclusive communities daily.
  • Culture Quilt Checklist: Craft connection on your team with this checklist. With small, tactical ways to foster more diversity, equity, and inclusion every day. Tailored to fuel your AI innovation and adoption.
Week 8 Architect Innovation: Design flexible, integrated AI workflows


Creating value will shift from doing the work, to building tool work flows that help with people’s most important challenges. Our skills, roles, companies need to evolve.

AI will not only help with existing work, but also enable doing things we aren’t able to do today. Tool builders are democratizing access to some of this.

Creative Technologists need to stitch together many AI tools together into a single workflow to unlock many of these capabilities.

We need to rely on predictions of what solutions will be needed less. And more on being responsive to changes. Most will likely benefit more from buying than building AI tools. And pivot to the ones delivering the most value.

Actionable Exercises:
  • AI Hackathons: Join the next one. Only available to our course community to all their pairs have a solid foundation. Steal solutions come up with. Or get inspiration to build your own version.
  • Frictionless Scaling Examples: See what best-in-class work, projects, initiatives that are designed from the ground up to scale to entire departments in big tech companies look like to build into your project today.
  • AI Mutual Fund Approach Template: See how to practically stand this up day-to-day in the real world. Navigate nuances. Use it to build consensus. Get buy in on your vision and AI projects from leadership. 


Learn by doing, with a safety net?

Identify your top career goal you can accomplish at your day job in 6 weeks. We'll help you get there with expert, practitioner coaching and community feedback, and networking.

  Live online video coaching

Share your toughest challenges at work to get tailored, live coaching on your specific situation. Meet 1 hour a week. They're recorded for reference.

  8 week program

Plan on 2 - 3 hours a week during the program for learning and applying them during your day job. You'll graduate after 6 weeks, but can continue in the community.

  LinkedIn certificate

Showcase the value of your new skills and credentials to your boss and whole professional network on LinkedIn. Set up asking for that raise, new role, new mentor. 

  Private slack group

Join the community. Learn from peers. Build real relationships across the tech industry. Get help, brainstorm solutions, get job referrals, safely ask advice.

  AI Magic Maturity Assessment

You'll take the propriety, 50 question assessment to understand your strengths and weaknesses across 7 maturity stages to set up your focus for this course. 

  Tuition reimbursement

Most companies pay for the full or majority of the cost of the program. You'll get a certificate of completion you can submit. We'll provide templates to request approval.

Designed specifically for you

Join the education revolution by retooling your skills alongside your big tech day-job. To get where you want to go faster. While avoiding burnout. In a format that compliments how you learn and work.

This is an ideal fit for you if you value:
  • Growing fast: skills, credentials, career growth, income, bonuses, company equity.

  • Network: diversify and build it beyond your company to the broader industry.
  • Efficiency: focus on the few, right things. Learn from those 3 steps ahead.
  • Lifestyle: not work any harder than necessary to get there.
  • Flexibility: learn at your own pace, within your schedule.
  • Learning: motivated, life-long learner, growth mindset.
This is designed specifically for people that are:
  • In big tech: roles in growth, sales, marketing, product, strategy, operations.

  • Onboarding: just starting a new role can feel overwhelming. 
  • Promotion ready: striving to get promoted to that next level.
  • Want to be a manager: getting that 1rst manager role can be difficult.

Meet your coach

Mike Roberts is known for looking around corners. Identifying future gaps in tech and media. Leading teams to boldly, creatively pioneering new solutions to close them.

Hong Kong Speaking

I've been mentored by the industry's best for 17 years. I'm now turning around to pay it forward and help you.

If you want to get better, train with the best and learn how to build a career at some of the most successful companies in the world. 

Mike has helped 46 enterprise brands, in 11 verticals, 12 time zones, at 4 clients, 3 agencies, as founder of 1 consultancy bring more joy to their customers. Mike is currently a senior leader at Google, having led 9 global or 1000+ Googler initiatives, managed teams up to 35 over 6+ years.



From students and colleagues.

Mike is a waterfall. If you stand anywhere near him, he will cover you in knowledge, patience, understanding, wisdom, and confidence. Practically speaking, Mike is curious as to why things are, and how they got that way. This has led him to develop a keen ability to identify the heart of the matter, and break it down into its basic pieces so that he can best understand it, but also teach others, and when necessary, overcome it. Mike has built so many tools, narratives, and trainings for so many teams to benefit from. Mike is a rare blend between an analytical mind and a creative storyteller. His ability to dissect the root cause of business issues, define a hypothesis with measurable goals, create a go-to-market strategy to solve it, and train teams on the best approach to deliver those SMART objectives are second to none. I have not worked with someone in my entire time at Google who has operated at such a high level, and it is amazing to me how he continues to innovate. His approaches have scaled to thousands at Google and he continues to strongly exceed all our expectations.
Ryan Ricci
Head of Market, Google
Mike excels at understanding wider context (landscape, customers, industry), using this information to identify and proactively solve high impact challenges. Mike's coaching & modeling for sellers on what great looks like has stood out. I've personally see him coaching his team & my team on how to create and land an effective pitch. His insight on story telling with data, asking effective questioning and securing buy in in the room have enabled my team to confidently accelerate the growth of their customers.
Matt Boerner
Head of Industry, LinkedIn
I had the privilege of managing Mike at Google, and I can confidently say he is one of the best marketers and storytellers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Throughout our three years working together, Mike consistently demonstrated his exceptional ability to understand client needs and proactively find solutions and opportunities for them.One of Mike's greatest strengths is his adeptness at using complex data and analysis to craft simple yet powerful stories. He has a unique talent for distilling intricate information into compelling narratives that resonate with audiences.I strongly recommend Mike for his skill in crafting pragmatic visions based on tomorrow’s trends and leading organizations to bring them to fruition. His ability to anticipate market shifts and drive strategic initiatives is truly remarkable.
Eduardo Weinstein
Senior Director, Meta
One thing became very apparent to myself and others that had the opportunity to work with Mike...this guy thinks big! He is well rounded and has a thorough grasp on technology which allows him to not only come up with creative strategies and campaigns, but to actually come up with ideas that are technically feasible. Mike was extremely easy to work with and always displayed nothing but professionalism. I look forward to the day that I will be able to work with Mike again.
Josh Lopez
Director, Technology, Mindgruve
Mike immediately established himself as providing valuable insights into how we were best helping customers and where gaps existed. I found Mike's input to be novel, accurate and actionable. I also appreciated that he often had ideas on how we could solve the gaps, thanks in part to his previous roles within Google's Large Customer Sales department. He has been a valuable voice in how we advance our ability to uncover and deliver better insights to our customers. Thank you Mike for your continued passion for delivering quality insights to our customers and putting in the time and effort to advance this capability at scale in our Google Customer Solutions.
Wendy MacGregor
Managing Director, Google
Mike has done a great job bringing a wealth of industry insight into his work, and has found ways to add value to clients through bringing a POV on industry challenges and opportunities they face. Having that c-level view of what matters to our clients at a high level can be very valuable for bringing analytics to life in a meaningful way.
Derek Rodenhausen
Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Mike is truly one of a kind. He is as comfortable pulling complex numbers and insights from a variety of internal and external tools, as building (beautiful) and compelling slides, as presenting to a C-level audience at the client or internally. Working with him is always seamless and interesting, he has a real ability to turn complex issues into relevant stories, I've been impressed with him more than once.
Antoine Vige Helie
Senior Account Executive, Google
Mike has made huge contributions to our community around the world with the incredible work he has done. The impact he has left in Hong Kong from speaking at our Google Think Telco event continues to scale long after his visit. Aside from Mike's ability to drive amazing work (deliver high quality work and thought leadership), I also want to highlight the strong collaboration skills and respect he demonstrated throughout our project. Mike is truly a team player and has established himself as the world's gateway to the US.
Cammy Fung
Senior Manager, Google
Mike sets the “gold standard” for what it means to Lift Yourself and Others. There are multiple examples of how he tested and scaled impactful solutions for the department. His pitch approach helped thousands of sellers deliver against their core metrics (5x deal size). This was not only achieved because of the templates and approach he crafted, but because of the way he trained, coached and modeled across teams and departments. Career Advancement: Mike has never hesitated to leverage his vast network at Google to help others advance their careers. From my perspective Mike is one of the most meaningful contributors to scaled impact we have. His willingness to collaborate and leverage his unique skill set to drive the entire business forward has been invaluable. We are all better at what we do because of his efforts.
Sean Cashman
Senior Strategic Account Lead, Google
I had the privilege to work with Mike for about three years. Mike was a key player in helping me focus my likes and dislikes of my role within iProspect and helped me create a path for myself within the organization. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Mike. He is always thinking three steps ahead and has his thumb on the pulse of all things digital marketing. I hope to have the chance to work with Mike again in the future!
Chad Gilbert
VP, Content Marketing, NP Digital
Spend 15 minutes talking with Mike and you're guaranteed to walk away inspired and more knowledgeable about how you can better your digital strategy, efficiency, productivity, and creativity. He has done exceptional work and has a unique way of having you look at concepts in ways you haven't thought about. He is a thought leader in the digital space, has the ability to look at the big picture, and always questions the norm. He is an innovative individual who is always thinking of how things can be improved.
Ronnell Morris
Senior Copywriter, ACE Fitness
Mike embodies the concept of "leadership" that most people only talk about. In our time together I found him to be sharp, knowledgeable, and driven to do good work. No, not just good work - the BEST work. If you have the chance to snap Mike up, you'd be a fool not to do so.
David Cato
Sr. Director Customer Acquisition, StockX
Since the very first day Mike has been an extremely valuable asset. Mike is never out of fresh ideas or constructive feedback. He offers deep digital marketing expertise and a results-driven approach. Mike is a forward-thinking innovator who is passionate about finding solutions for improvement.
Tanya Huang
Global SEO Director, DocuSign
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Does the course sell out?

We set a limit of 30 people per cohort and 5 - 10 per group to keep engagement high, get to everyone's questions answered, and foster community building. Once we sell out, we open up the waitlist. We launch new cohorts to the waitlist first. Then if there is additional space, we'll open it up.

Can I use my company’s education tuition reimbursement to pay for this course?

Yes. This course is designed to help you do your core job better on day 1. When you complete the course, you’ll receive a certificate showing you’ve completed it. It will have your name, the name of the course, the date you completed it. 

Will I get a certificate showing I’ve completed this course?

Yes! You’ll get a unique certificate with your name and course title that will live on You’ll be able to add this course to your LinkedIn profile and link to that certificate so your network can see you’re actively, proactively improving your skill sets.

Is there a live instructor or video recordings only?

On demand videos: Every week there are on demand videos to learn the concepts of the section for that week. 

Apply learnings at work: Then the expectation is for you to apply those concepts to your project at work you chose at the beginning of the course.

Live group coaching video call: Then there is a group coaching and feedback group call to get feedback on your approach, and ideas to overcome any challenges you hit. This is where the real learning takes places. When you try to implement what you've learned, get stuck, and learn how to overcome. These sessions are recorded so you can watch them at your convenience, and refer to them later if you'd like.

Industry wide community: Lastly, there is a students only membership forum that allows you to connect organically with the community and instructor. This community shares how they're applying the course material to their work projects, things they're going through, exchange advice, brainstorm solutions and problem solve your real, day-to-day challenges. Use it between coaching sessions and on an ongoing basis.

This students only forum that is an incredible place to build your network beyond your company, across the industry. 


Will I be able to access the new content that gets added, even after I purchase?

Yes! New content will be added over time periodically. Your purchase will be able to access new content as soon as it’s released. 

Are you available to speak at my event, training, or consult for my company?

Yes, we frequently speak at events, industry conferences, and corporate trainings. Share the details for what you’re looking for here. We are not actively consulting anymore, but are open to it if the project is right. Send us a note here with details.

How does the 100% risk free refund work?

We want people that are thoroughly loving and thriving in this community. If you don't find yourself in that position for any reason, we'll happily refund you 100% of your money right away. We're confident your income growth from this course will greatly outweigh the cost of this course. We've never had anyone want a refund.

Can I take the AI Magic Maturity Assessment more than once?

You're able to take the assessment up to 6 times within 12 months of when you sign up.

That way you can see how your development evolves over time throughout the course and throughout the year. 

This also allows you to see how compare to industry peer benchmarks over time as the industry quickly evolves. 

Is 1:1 coaching offered?

As of right now, 1:1 coaching is not offered. So this is the only way to get coaching right now. Submitting your questions each week enables you to get guidance specific to your situation. We want to be able to scale help to more people and foster relationships throughout the community at the same time since that's such a big part of career growth.